My Dating Coach


Re-entering the dating scene after 17 years was a bit nerve-wracking and scary. But the time had come, a date had been requested, plans were in place, and I had begun to feel jittery and anxious as that evening approached. As providence would have it, just a few short weeks before, I had met Kelly, and decided to seek her last-minute advice!  After a very short meeting with her, I was able to go on my date with peace of mind that the plans we had made were conducive to a safe, fun and enjoyable evening.  I arrived feeling confident in my decision and aware of red-flag behaviors I should be watchful for.  The date went great and I had a wonderful time.  While I knew by the end of the date that I was not interested in pursuing further dates with the gentleman, it was a positive experience overall, and a confidence-booster to have been asked for a second date.  I believe that Kelly's advice and support played a key role in the overall success of the date and my ability to relax and be myself.  The short recap following the date was just as beneficial.  She validated my reasons for deciding not to accept the second date and left me feeling better prepared for the possibilities ahead.  Thank you, Kelly, for giving me that little dose of encouragement and confidence to take those first steps!  Jenny – Peoria, AZ

When I met with Kelly, I was in a new relationship while still holding on to an old one.  Kelly helped me understand the reasons I was holding on to the old relationship and the problems it was causing me and could potentially cause with my new relationship.   She gave me great insight and guidance and had incredible patience. You see, I wasn’t very coachable in the beginning and tried to resist her suggestions.  It was uncomfortable for me to do something different from what I was used to doing.   She helped me understand that I wasn’t being a “bad guy” by ending a relationship with a woman that I could never have a future with, due to certain circumstances and that I couldn’t be in a healthy relationship with someone else until I ended things.  I learned it’s best to end one relationship before getting into another.  Sounds obvious, but I had gotten myself into a bad situation.  Kelly also told me what to expect when I ended things with the woman in the old relationship.  She was right!  Fortunately, I was finally able to free myself from the old relationship entirely and concentrate fully on my new relationship.  My new relationship is going well and I’m very grateful to Kelly for her help.   Kevin - Phoenix, AZ


I had been in one of those relationships that I knew deep down was unhealthy for me, but he was just so good looking!!   I “chose” to over-look all of the signs that should have made me run from this guy… I’m sure many of you can relate.  Kelly fully understood what I was going through and never told me to dump him.  Instead, she’d give me things to think about and helped me realize I had options.  My choice to stay in this unhealthy relationship was truly a bad one.  I stuck it out for a few years anyway.  ” It wasn’t that his communication skills were “poor”, they just purely did not exist.  Silence was how he communicated!   I never thought that would happen. Kelly would tell me that one day I will have had enough and that he will become less attractive to me; I needed to know what my “deal-breakers were.  I never thought or more accurately never “wanted” that day to come.  But, he did become less and less attractive to me and the lack of communication became too unbearable to take any longer.  With Kelly’s coaching, I was able to finally free myself from this relationship.  It wasn’t easy, but with Kelly’s understanding and support, I did it!  I am so grateful for the coaching I received from Kelly.  I am now in a very healthy relationship with a wonderful man.  I must say, being in a relationship with a wonderful man took some getting used to and Kelly had to coach me through that as well.  Kelly really has a great ability to see things clearly and excellent coaching skills that helped me make better choices.  I can’t thank her enough!   D.B. - Gilbert, AZ


I started my coaching with Kelly because I had been through a bad marriage that lasted a very short time.  In speaking with Kelly, it turned out, “she” had dated the same man for about 2 weeks, right before I met him.  “Weird”, right?   I told her I sure wish I would have seen the red-flags that she saw so I would have never made the mistake of marrying him.  Because of that mistake, it caused my family to think I couldn’t make a good decision about men without their input.  And boy, were they “generous” with their input!!  I had finally met a man that I was sure would be good to me and our love for each other grew.  My family tried to judge him and discouraged me from seeing him.  In my coaching with Kelly, she encouraged me to see him for who he is and not judge him based on the comments made by my family.  Kelly had great words of advice that helped me make the right decision.  I have now been married to this wonderful man for over a year and a half and am truly happy.  My family has finally lightened up, and are happy that I’m happy.  I learned that my family didn’t have to like him in order for him to be the right choice for me.  I didn’t particularly like “their” choices in who they chose to spend their life with either, but was supportive anyway.  Thank you Kelly… You changed my life!  Vicky - San Diego, CA