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Free Dating Coach Event

You Host and Set-Up the Event

You and at least 3 single friends meet at a local restaurant or other approved venue.  I will join you and your friends for 90 minutes and cover one topic and then open it up to a Q & A session. Additional “paid” group coaching can be scheduled.  I will offer discounted pricing on individual and package coaching to those who attend.  Coaching sessions be purchased and paid for within 3 weeks of the event.  The host will be eligible for free individual coaching time based on attendance and sessions / packages purchased from the event. 

Host will receive one free 15 minute individual coaching session for setting up the event plus one 10 minute individual coaching session for each guest that attends.  (Example: 3 guests = 30 minutes … 12 guests = 120 minutes)

 Limit of one free coaching event per person.