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About Kelly...

Welcome to “My Dating Coach”!  My name is Kelly Collins and I have been coaching singles regarding dating and relationships for many years.  I have studied Human Behavior extensively as well as Psychology, Communication and Leadership Skills.  By combining education and training with my own knowledge and experiences, I have had incredible success in coaching others to create happy and fulfilling relationships.

I understand one of the biggest obstacles for singles is how very intimidating it can be, regardless of age or background, to be thrust back into the life of a single person after being married or in a relationship for many years.  Maybe you’ve been single for a while or even a very long time and want to start dating again; but are apprehensive and don’t know where to start.  We all have well meaning friends and family members who are eager to offer their advice, because they care about us. The problem with that is, they aren’t always able to be 100% honest with us and their perspective can be based on what "they" feel is best for you; they can not be as objective as you need them to be.   As your Dating Coach, I will be objective and 100% honest with you.  Let’s face it…it really is a jungle out there and you need to have the tools and the confidence to effectively maneuver through.  I can help you with that! 


Dating has taken on many changes over the past couple of decades and you need to be prepared for it, just as you would need to prepare for success at any other challenge or adventure you take on in life.  I will help calm the fears and anxieties that may be keeping you from meeting new people and starting to date.  I will work with you step-by-step and help you prepare for this wonderful journey.  I will guide you all along the way, teaching you what to expect and how to communicate effectively.  I will teach you how to “read between the lines”, to interpret the other person’s actions or lack of actions and to recognize “Red Flags”. I will encourage you to avoid over-reacting.  I will also help you feel safe and give you guidance to choose wisely.  Others whom I’ve coached have told me how amazed they were at my insight and ability to help them feel comfortable with the process. You can experience this for yourself.  It all starts with a decision and a willingness to make some changes and finally take charge of your life.  Dating “is” a process and if you’re ready to start dating and don’t know where to begin or are not having the success you desire in your current dating life, a professional Dating Coach is the answer.  

Note to Single Parents:  I’ve been a single mom of 4 sons for most of the past 20 years.  This experience has given me an incredible insight into dating, while raising children of various ages.  I truly understand the unique issues of single parents, who want to date, while at the same time, won’t compromise on doing what’s best for their children. I have experienced first hand, that dating when you have children can cause you to feel a myriad of emotions.  I am also aware of, and have experienced how dating has evolved over the past 20 years along with all of the demands put on parents.  Understanding these issues and personally putting into practice what I teach allows me to guide you effectively.

As your Dating Coach, I will encourage you, inspire you and bring you the most insightful dating strategies for today’s singles and single parents.

 Remember, it all starts with a decision.  The decisions you make today, determine your future.  Let’s get you started on your way to successful dating. 


Don't Just "Let" Life Happen.... "Make" it Happen!!   

 "You" Control Your Destiny... No Excuses!!